Sunday, April 13, 2008

70 degrees in Seattle

After three weeks of rain it seemed like a miracle to finally see sunshine in Seattle. Better yet, our oldest daughter Jamie, is back at home. She is in between semesters at school. She reminds us that she is the real sunshine in Seattle. Everything was looking good. Unfortunately for Trey and his handsome face this would not be a pretty day. Here is a picture early friday morning of Trey looking good with the sun blazing through our back windows.

With the sunshine and Jamie at home we decided to take a little walk to the park. Jamie situated Warren in the stroller, Kacie hopped on her bike, and Trey zoomed out on his favorite trike.

Trey pumping as fast as he can to keep stride with big sister Kacie.

Trey resting by the side of the road waiting for Jamie and Warren.

As we came to the end of our street, we arrived at Trey's favorite hill. He loves to kick up his feet and fly away. He always makes us a little nervous. This time he gave us good reason. Jamie and Kacie had gone ahead to wait for him at the bottom. They were making sure the runway was clear. Problem is -- they became part of the run way. Trey crashed right into one of their bikes. The handle bar of the bike hit him right on the cheek bone. It was not a pretty sight. His cheek split open and we all ended up racing back to the house. Our walk to the park would wait for another day.

Within minutes we were all in the car headed to ER. We arrived at Evergreen Hospital and Trey showed his true colors. He was nothing less than a champion. He never winced once through all the doctors and nurses. They cleaned out his wound, took a cat scan, numbed up his cheek, and glued the cut shut. Yes, they used glue! Everyone was relieved there was no damage to his eye. Trey looks like he went a few rounds with Mike Tyson but he still won't slow down. As we were leaving the hospital, Jamie had him smiling and saying, "I'm Back in Action". As soon as we got back home he wanted back on the trike. He is on mandatory rest for the next couple of days. We are all hoping he heals up without a major scar. Everyone loves his face!

Trey taking a nap later that afternoon

Trey back in action with his big smile

Trey with Warren and his bloodshot eye

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Derek White said...

Ouch! Poor Trey. Ryan says to "hang in there, buddy!"