Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cottage Lake Park

Everything in life has become a more challenging with two little ones running around. That includes finding time to work out. Last week I broke down and bought a jogging stroller at Costco. All week long now I have been jogging to Cottage Lake park with Trey and sometimes Warren. When Warren comes along, Trey likes to ride along side in his little tricycle.

Warren is in the stroller while Trey is blazing ahead on his trike!

Trey is an absolute maniac on wheels. Our street ends in a serious hill and he goes down that thing 100 mph. He lifts up his legs and pushes them out sideways and goes full steam ahead. His trike starts shaking from side to side and its only a matter of time before he bites it. When we get to the main road out front (Woodinville / Duvall), I always make Trey get back in the stroller. Its a short jog to the park and he is back out doing his thing again.

Trey flying down the hill that enters Cottage Lake Park!

Of course, Trey always eats up the playground once we get there.

And of course we always bring a couple of basketballs and work on our hoop games.

Here is T-Bone once we are at the park relaxing a little on the swings

Here is Warren chillin on the swings as well.

And here they are swinging together.


Jason and Diana said...
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Jason and Diana said...

can't wait to jog together with our 2 double jogging strollers! Love you!

Gina said...

Can you take Adie next time? What's one more?

IP-m said...

Hi dear, If you want to sell the stroller in the future, please let me know. I really love it. It's cool.