Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Warren B Celebrates Birthday #1

Today (May 7th) marks a big day in the life of Warren B. He celebrates his first full year on planet earth. That would be birthday #1. The look on his face with bottle in hand tell it all. It's obvious he has been exploding with anticipation. He can't wait for the presents! Following family custom, Keri had the early morning birthday table all ready to roll. Warren finally awoke at 8 am with a little anxious nudging from Trey. Trey had already been painfully staring at the table for a good hour. He was thinking this was all very unfair. In the end, he assisted in opening the gifts and everybody was happy. We will break out the cake and candles this evening when Kacie is back from school!

What's all the fuss about?

I wonder what's inside?

Trey volunteers to open gifts!

Trey does a little drum roll for Warren's big event

Later in the evening we did eventually break out the birthday cake. Keri had baked up her chocolate birthday special. The lone celebratory candle was carefully placed right in the middle. Warren's hands immediately dove right into the cake. Within a few minutes we had a chocolate mess. Warren kept grabbing at the single flame. Fortunately he was protected by the chocolate frosting plastered all over his hands. Trey was also helpful on the extinguishing end with his friendly huffs and puffs.

My Birthday Cake!

The Big Birthday Smile!

The Chocolate Mess

My Birthday Friends

Flashback to the beast on his birthday #1

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