Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Backyard Fence

Last summer was the season of the "backyard fence". I eagerly bought the posts, the ropes, and all the other materials. They then sat on the back patio as I contemplated how to get the job done. Then one day my brothers showed up. The next day the job was done. We now feel a little safer with at least one barrier between Trey and Warren and the lake.

Brothers Dave and John helping me get things started

With a full days work ahead of us.

Dave & John helping me get after it.

Working with my brother John

Working with my brother Dave

Making Good Progress...

Brothers take a break to talk over design

Your Project Foreman

Working on the back gate

Burning the ends of the rope

Back gate from the yard side

Back gate from the lake side

Trimming down the fence posts

Finished Product!