Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quepos - Costa Rica

Quepos is a small but popular beach town on the western coast of Costa Rica. It was the first place we visited as a family. It was also the last place we would visit once we were reunited with Bryant. Bryant served here for several months as a missionary. It was an area full of people that he would come to love. It was also the second area on his mission that he was assigned to open. This means the church had yet to be established there. There were a handful of members living there who had been travelling long distances to attend church each week. They would now be a big help in getting things going in Quepos.

The city of Quepos sits right on the beach.
Here is the view from the main street.

This is one of the main bridges that gets you in and out of Quepos. Two times we had to wait about an hour to cross because they were doing work on it. The bridge would shake and rattle each time we crossed. Definitely an entertaining ride.

Our First Sunday with the group in Quepos (soon to be la rama)

Inside of the church in Quepos.
This is where we had Sacrament meeting and Sunday School.

Trey and Warren going through Bryant's ties our last night in Quepos

Bry with brothers Ryan and Kyle. Months earlier Bry had baptized Ryan in the ocean as one of the first new members in the Quepos. Ryan's mother Zeidy had been a member for years but had lost contact with the church. She was more than excited to run into the Elders in Quepos. Her husband Walton was soon baptized. Zeidy would be a huge help in getting the church going in Quepos.

Keri with Zeidy (mother of Ryan and Kyle)

Trey getting agressive with Ryan & Kyle in their front yard

Warren chillin in Zeidy's front yard with one of the nephews

Trey and Warren hanging with Ryan and Kyle at church.

Bry with Flavio. Another amazing story. Flavio was introduced to the church through Zeidy. When Bryant met him he had the longest dreds he had ever seen. Flavio completely turned his life around and was baptized shortly after Bryant left the area. His wife was not too happy though about the hair cut. Flavio sent Bryant home with a strand of dreds as a memory of him.

We are with a very special family here. Rodrigo, La China and the boys. La China is a nickname. Boys are Jorge and Jaffet. Bryant ran into them knocking doors. They are all amazing. Rodrigo now teaches Sunday School. We had a great time with them. We are outside the little store La China runs next door to their home.

Keri with La China after church.

This is a picture of Bryant's first apartment in Quepos. It served as the church and his apartment. It used to be an old bar. Rodrigo would later say how ironic it was for him to first take the sacrament in a place that he had previously visted as a bar.

Kacie with Pamela and Diana just after church.

Our last day in Quepos we ate lunch with most of the members in Quepos. Bry went around the city inviting everyone to meet us at Dos Locos. There ended up being about 30 people there including us and the missionaries. It was a great farewell. The people of Quepos were amazing.

Front of Dos Locos

Everyone waiting for food

Bry with Rodrigo and Family

Bry with El Chileno and Techi. They are long time members. Bryant slept on their family room floor the first couple of days in Quepos as he looked around for a place to live.

Bry with Ziedy, Walter, Flavio, and more friends.

During lunch we slipped next door to buy new soccer balls.
Ryan and Kyle were in heaven.

Bry with Angie Pamela.
She came straight from school to see Bryant off.

Keri entertaining Warren at lunch.

At the front entrance of Dos Locos


Derek White said...

Great photos, great stories! What a cool thing to see Bry again! We're looking forward to seeing him and you all soon!

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